Sunday, 17 January 2016

The way I taste India

New Delhi

Travel to India for the first time! And landed nervously at night time. When I went out of the airport I can clearly hear the traffic noises. The crowd just in time to hit the beat & I was like "Welcome to India Cassandra !"

I'm so excited & keen to see how the circumstances look like. Right after my friend's appearance we drove to the hotel & ate Briyani, yum. The first Indian cuisine I had tried & I couldn't forget the taste. It has a lot of spices & cooked properly. 

I'm too excited to feel the night & suddenly lose my exhaustion after got my drink called "masala". Hmm, I miss it already. Oh, and don't forget my experience with Raksa. The crowd traffic and crazy driver fright me to the fullest. Have you seen Indian movie? Or, the part when Raksa take over the traffic and it moves like a fly? Trust me, it was the same feeling when you try on a roller coaster.


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Found My True Match Blur Cream


Every girls need to be perfect in every occasion, especially in special occasion like wedding party or whenever you need a plus look. The vital part is face, of course. I’m talking about the make up, because people will see first at your skin. I’m not talking about a heavy make up, it makes your look damn terrible. Just make it natural to be flawless, that's how I love and prefer you to be. I like this True Match Liquid foundation because of the formula that is easy to blend and yet it’s build-able so you can use it daily.

Then L'Oreal has thought of creating True Match Blur Cream to complete the foundation, a cream that acts as a primer, it’s like hitting two birds in one clap. Blur Cream has Micro Blur Technology that minimizes the appearance of pores and smooth skin for that perfect selfie (every girls need a perfect selfie :p ). What I love more about it is that it has no scent. Very suitable for preggy women too and the texture it just so creamy.

The packaging made out of white matte tube with chrome-like twist cap.I treasure this product the most as a primer because dang, it makes the surface of my skin so, so smooth. I use the Blur Cream before the True Match foundation to prime my skin.The foundation just glides effortlessly on it and looks very even, plus it can keep my look matte and fresh for about six till seven hours.First experience to tried this and I was amaze with the result. 

Another thing I found that you can also use the product by it self which is great for people who doesn't need much coverage on their face but would like a flawless look. But for a completely flawless look and an extra coverage, I suggest to also use the foundation.

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